Spring is Carpenter Ant Season. 5 Steps to Protect Your Home Now!


Are you seeing large black ants in your home this spring? You’re not alone! Here in Syracuse, NY ants are a common issue that homeowners face every spring. The presence of unwanted ants are annoying enough to most, but what causes the most concern is the damage that may be done by Carpenter Ants specifically. Here’s a few things to consider to help make these unwanted house guests feel unwelcome…

1. Solve Plumbing Problems: Carpenter ants love humid, enclosed environments. That water leak you solved last year may still be providing enough humidity in the structural timbers of your home to provide the perfect environment for an ant colony. Solve the water issues and dry out anything that has a greater than 60% humidity.

2. Eliminate Vegetation Against Structures: Most homes have landscaping that has overgrown its space and is making contact with the structure. Cut back ALL vegetation that touches your house. Ants have this troublesome proclivity to walk on these bridges as convenient pathways onto your home. Don’t make their job so easy!

3. Reduce Cover: Remove all piles of leaves, firewood, bramble and other debris that may have been placed or accumulated around the foundation of your home. Don’t forget about the build up of years of re-mulching your landscaping as these layers of decaying plant material provide fantastic habitat.

4. Check Windows and Doors: The frame of doors and windows are one of the most common locations for water intrusion and thus, provide great nesting sites for Carpenter Ants. Pay special attention to your front door and sliding glass doors. Look for failing or improperly installed flashing that may allow water damage to go unidentified for years.

5. Check Overhead: Roof valleys, vent penetrations and gutters that no longer drain are bountiful ant habitat. Look for sagging roof lines, water leaks or shingles with moss growing on them. A weak roof could become catastrophic with the rite amount of time and some industrious ants.

Keep a sharp eye on your home’s condition and you could stop many ant issues before they begin. If you find that even after your best efforts you are still having activity, please call us for a free site inspection for additional help.



About Andy Sanefski

Owner - Perimetek Pest Management Expertise in structural pest management and food safety
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